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If you want to influence people positively, we can help. Whether you are selling information directly, using information to support your marketing, or providing information on a non-profit basis, The Conference Department can improve your results. Take the first step by calling (781) 729-8611 today.

Events, Your Essential Social Media

Events are a must-have in your media mix. Whatever your aim — selling information at a profit, using media to move prospects to a sale, or disseminating information — there will always be a place for face-to-face. Live, in-person events provide unique opportunities for information exchange and persuasion. Events motivate and mobilize people and allow you instant adjustment of your message. Events are engaging and compelling. And events build trust.

What We Do for You

As your event partner we help you gain the position and the influence you seek. We produce your conferences, events, and related media products, integrated with your strategic goals and communication objectives. We offer options for every budget tailored to your specific needs:

  • Consultation — practical event advice from quick reviews to full business plans
  • Conference management/Corporate events — complete event production and component services
    • Marketing services — participant, event sponsorship and exhibit marketing, and sales
    • Logistics — site selection, meeting planning, speaker support, registration and on-site support
    • Content development — speaker prospecting and recruitment
  • Association services — full association management; conference and trade show management; chapter operations support

We score our success by your measures.

Strategic Creativity Sets Us Apart

Leveraging your strengths with our broad media experience gives you decisive advantages in event-based communications. Events are our media specialty. With the Conference Department as your partner, you’ll get not only great events but great results. Our winning approach is based on:

  • Integrated marketing communications — maximizing the impact of your message and your marketing communications strategy
  • Content focus — ensuring that the details suit the substance of your events
  • Personalized service — conveying our enthusiasm to participants and to you

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Tactical Know-how Assures Results

You feel confident in positive results with our deep experience in developing and producing distinctive events:

  • On target
  • On schedule
  • On budget

Let us become your Conference Department.

Your Event Partner

Since 1996, The Conference Department has been helping our clients in the publishing industry and other sectors move minds in positive directions. We provide strategic media and event development guidance and produce powerful events. We work with established media properties and assist in custom publishing and contract publishing projects.

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